Archery Tag

Location: Art Van Sports Complex
Date: September 8, 2018
Roster: 5-8 participants; co-ed
Optional: Up to  3 subs
Tournament bracket with time of first game will be released after registration deadline.

Points Available:
100 points - 1st Place
75 points - 2nd Place
50 points - 3rd Place
25 points - Fielding a team

Notes: Teams go head to head with the objective of having the most players and target spots remaining. Teams will be separated by a “safe zone” that cannot be shot from. Games will end when all of a team’s players have been eliminated or time runs out. Each team has a “5-Sport Knockout Target” that can be shot at by the opposing team. Players are eliminated if they are hit with an arrow or if their arrow is caught mid-air by an opposing player. A player can return to the game if their teammate catches an arrow mid-air or knocks out one of the opposing team’s 5-spot targets.