Tug of War

Location: Art Van Sports Complex
Date: September 8, 2018
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm*
Roster Size: 6-10 participants; maximum of 6 players can tug at one time. Three (3) male, three (3) female. Optional 4 alternates.

Points Available:
100 points - 1st place
75 points - 2nd place
50 points - 3rd place
25 points - Fielding a team

Notes:  All tugs will be conducted on a natural grass surface. Gloves and belts are optional. No spikes, cleats, studs or other medal fittings will be permitted, including soccer or football shoes with rubber cleats. No sticky substances or other substances may be used on hands or gloves to gain an advantage. Males and females must alternate on the rope. The winning team must pull the losing team 5 yards for the rope marker to cross the boundary line. Participants must stay on their feet and not sit, kneel, or lie down. The rope must not wrap around any participant. Winning teams will continue to advance in their division until the overall winner has been declared in each division. 

*time is subject to change based on number of teams and time each match up takes